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*basics* Name: Kelly Dob: ThreeOne; OhEight; NineTeeThree Marital… - Were hot and were Hardcore [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Hardcore and HOT

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[Oct. 28th, 2008|05:21 pm]
Hardcore and HOT



Name: Kelly
Dob: ThreeOne; OhEight; NineTeeThree
Marital status:regretfully available
Location: canada, home of maple syrup + lumberjacks.

- Favorite -
Bands: deathcab, chase coy, motion city soundtrack, attack attack! , eatmewhilei'mhot, mindless self indulgence, the birthday massacar, cyrstal castles, 3oh!3 , scary kids scaring kids, nevershoutnever, the color fred, chidos, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, porcilen and the tramps, asteria, sky eats airplane, black kids, the number twelve looks like you
Color/s: maroon
Food/s: reeses pieces puff cereal with vanilla soy milk♥
Things to do: write, sleep.

*what are your thoughts on* [answer these questions thoroughly.. they are basically what determine whether you're in or out]

- Pro, inside you grows a person for which you've never met. They should be there based on a desire to be, not an inconvience from a drunken encounter. Many people like to say your killing an innocent person, personally I'd rather end the life of something not yet taken breath then raise it in a home where it would be known that it wasn't truly wanted or loved. Broken childhood homes aren't nesscary. Adoption is a choic for some yes, but over religious parents tend to disagree.  It's your uterus, it's your choice.  
gay marriage:
- Love is love. Man , woman , or beast.
premarital sex:
- No glove , no love. Everyone is curious, eveyone experiments. A mutal willingness and knowledge of the conaquences is dire. Will you feel the same tomorrow, or are you a one night thing. There is a difference between making love and having sex. Making love involves commitment , perhaps not a marriage because I don't need a ring to prove my love or desire to be with the person i love. Having sex ,  its natural and it feels good. Be smart, have fun.
rating communities:
-rather pathetic, wouldnt you say? Why should you care what strangers think?
drugs, alcohol, Smoking /SxE:
-I embrace the ganjaa, she keeps me calm. I won't condone any drug use , other then be smart. I stick with my herbs and keep my blood a clean place. I'm a chain smoker, its a terrible habit my friends don't pick it up! Quitting is like cutting off my feet, it just won't happen. Alcohols a tricky topic , in moderation its okay.  But good god don't be that girl running around the party with no shoes singing about how you want to fuck the guy next to you , its trashy.
- Get on your knees for whoever you like. I'm cool to whoever you worship , as long as your religion teaches peace and freedom of speech. My views? Your jesus is bullsh*t, so don't you dare shove it down my throte. I'd rather believe in santa then a fictional character who lets my life suck.
- FINISH HIGHSCHOOL! Nothing is more unattractive then a person who can't put words together. Not to say that you should buckle down your entire life, but remember to keep up. Once your done school , you could of had the best time but when your twenty six and unemployed it really doesn't matter who drank teh most at so and so's party. I'm not a straight A student, but i try. School may be essential ,but life learning is whats the most important. The lessons i've learned on the streets, from my friends, even from music ( my common inspiration) is far more crucial then any math equation i ever learned in room 298.

- random -
how did you find out about this community?: a bored paroozling of groups
were you recommended? if so, by who?:
promote at least 2 communities/journals: honestly, the only communities i've joined are self destructive ones, things to which i won't promote.
why did you apply here?: obviously because I'm hardcore?
do you honestly think you'll get in?: If you said no , it won't really bother me :P , I'll move on :) 
any last words?: I'll meetchaa on the rocket baby.