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Name: Leticia Dob: 9.17.89 Marital status: Single Location: U.S.A… - Were hot and were Hardcore [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Hardcore and HOT

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[Sep. 10th, 2008|08:52 pm]
Hardcore and HOT
[Current Mood |impressedimpressed]

Name: Leticia Dob: 9.17.89
Marital status: Single
Location: U.S.A
- Favorite -Bands: Earth Crisis, Coverge, A Skylit Drive, Lamb of God, Relient K, Dragon Force, Journey, Bob Marley, Job For A Cowboy, Slipknot, Disturbed, Suicide Silence, Alesana, Mastodon, 36 Crazyfists, Underoath, Def Leppard..& so on
Color/s: Black & Orange
Food/s: Anything Vegan
Things to do: Kickboxing, protesting, petitioning, reading, listening to music..getting an education

abortion: Not acceptable. I am a female, & i think that yes it is a terrible thing to be raped, but what the women needs to remember is that the life inside of her has nothing to do with why she was raped. She needs to think of someone other than herself at such a hard and critical time in her life and decide to value the fetus that is half of who she is. Every women i know who has kept her baby after a rape, could not imagine their life without that child. I realize that that is only the women i know, not to be misinterpreted as a generalization. Also, there are great things known as open adoptions, where the child will know who their real mother is and be able to interact with her, but have her not be their immediate guardian. That is another alternative. There are very many out there that dont end in death. Every women should take advantage of them.

gay marriage: Love is love. Whether you are a man who finds love with a man, or a women who finds love with a women. We spend our lives looking for love, so when a person finally finds it, who am i to tell them they cant be with the person they love?

premarital sex: Not for me. I dont want the emotional attachment that comes along with sex. So i plan on staying away from it until i find the person i love. The person i can get emotionally attached to without having the fear of being left.

rating communities: I couldnt tell you what that is.

drugs, alcohol, Smoking /SxE: I am straight edge. Four years strong now. No alcohol, no drugs, no tobacco, & no casual sex.
religion: I am agnostic. Made the transition when i was 12 from being christian.

government: I dont really follow politics. The only political thing i do is write letters to local public officials about animal rights.

education: I think if you have found your passion and it's not going to school and becomming a doctor. Follow your dream, & in todays world, you wont need schooling to be sucessful. As long as you do everything you can and put everything you have into achieving your alternative goal, youre set.

- random -
how did you find out about this community?: I searched straight edge in the criteria box and clicked on this community.

were you recommended? if so, by who?:

promote at least 2 communities/journals: ny vegans, animalactivists

why did you apply here?: I love the hardcore lifestyle, the freedom of not being judged. The ability to talk to other people who share interests that many people find questionable. It's really refreshing after a day in todays society, where everything is telling you to be picture perfection.

do you honestly think you'll get in?: I think i have as good a chance as anyone else. I dont really know what to expect.

any last words?: Where there is darkness in the world...light.


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[User Picture]From: wizarding
2008-09-12 12:11 pm (UTC)
Ahahahaha. You're funny and the sad thing is that you're not even trying to be.
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