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APPLICATION: *basics* Name: Arielle Dob: 04.05.88 Marital… - Were hot and were Hardcore [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Apr. 18th, 2005|09:46 pm]
Hardcore and HOT





Dob: 04.05.88
Marital status: single
Location: Virginia

- Favorite -
Blood Brothers, Fear Before The March of Flames, Converge, Comeback Kid, Kenmore, Atomic Raygun Attack, Saetia, Circle Takes The Square, Love Lost But Not Forgotten, You And I, Over My Dead Body, Daughters, Hot Cross, Scarlet, The Number Twelve Looks Like You
Color/s: pink, black (technically not a color but whatever), lime green
Food/s: tacos with nacho cheese, eggrolls, Ramen noodles
Things to do: go to shows, make clothes, draw, listen to music, hang out with friends, take pictures

*what are your thoughts on*

Well I used to be all pro-life but then I more changed my mind once I grew up more + started being more open-minded by listening to both sides' opinions. I used to say that people should only have an abortion if the mother or baby will die during birth or if the mother was raped. Well you might not know if they'll die + you can't always prove when someone's been raped. If those were the law then people would be coming in saying they were raped just to get an abortion. Sure, it shouldn't be used as a method of birth control but it should be an option for people who aren't ready for a baby. Yes, there's always adoption, but think about it for a minute. There's tons of kids who get passed from home to home until they're eighteen + then there's kids who live their entire lives in adoption agencies. That's not exactly a great life to have to experience. Sure, adoption is a good option instead of killing a child, + you should consider it, but I also think that if you think that abortion is the right way to go then you should have the option + no one else should make the decision for you.
gay marriage: I think it should be legalized 100%. Marriage is about love, not what sex you are. If two guys or two girls want to get married, I don't see the difference between a guy + a girl wanting to get married. They both love each other enough to want to commit to each other so they should have the option of doing so.
premarital sex: I personally don't see anything wrong with it. I can although see how some people do. Some people were brought up a certain way or in a certain religion that follows that belief. If that's how you are living, then that's great. I don't think you should be sinned however if you don't follow that way. It's your personal choice. Me, personally, I want to have complete chemistry with who I marry, including sexually. Plus I want to be able to have different experiences before I'm committed to one person. I don't want to be a slut + sleep with like forty people, but I mean just a few.
rating communities: They're fun + amusing. I like to do them when I'm bored.
drugs, alcohol, Smoking /SxE: I don't smoke, do drugs, or drink alcohol but I don't consider myself sxe either. Technically I guess I am since I don't do those things, but I'm not saying I never will. I plan to start drinking once I'm old enough to. Maybe you could say I'm sxe until I'm twenty-one I guess. I will never smoke though, I can't stand it. I don't really think I'll ever do drugs either but I'm not saying it's not possible.
religion: I think it's great for people to have something to believe in + give their complete faith to. I don't, on the other hand, think that people should have it shoved in their faces or be condemned for being a different religion than someone else. People are very closed-minded when it comes to religion sometimes. They think that their religion is the only right one + that everyone else's is wrong. That is the only thing that pisses me off at religion.
government: Honestyl I don't know a whole lot about the goverment. Sure, I took Civics + stuff in school, but that doesn't mean I memorized everything or even actually care that much. I know it's kind of bad but in my life right now I have more important things to think about. I do, although, think that it's definitely something necessary. I don't agree with anarchists because without laws things would just go hectic. There are some laws that definitely could be changed though, like the gay marriage law.
education: I think everyone should finish high school at least. I can't stand people who type like they're in fourth grade when they're twenty. People should get a good education + actually try to be smart. It's not too hard to be a little bit smart. I know there's people that are mentally challenged, but I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about the people who just don't care enough to learn.

- random -
how did you find out about this community?:
I did a search for the word "scene".
were you recommended? if so, by who?: nope
promote at least 2 communities/journals: lj's tellxmexdoctor + takethehooker
why did you apply here?: because I like hardcore + I don't think I'm that bad looking.
do you honestly think you'll get in?: possibly
any last words?: I already said Get tuff so I don't think so

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here's my tattoo
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[User Picture]From: punkerjon
2005-04-19 04:09 am (UTC)
technically black is a color. white is not a color. white is the absence of color where as black is all colors.
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From: 99729
2005-09-12 08:32 pm (UTC)
I think you should read some books. Physics and the way light reflects off objects to create color. It would teach you a lot of good.

How for instance, white is the sum of all colour and black is the total absence of all colors. You know, exactly the opposite of what you wrote.
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[User Picture]From: punkerjon
2005-09-13 02:12 am (UTC)
Our eyes react to different shades of light, and what we determine as colors
are different wavelengths of light. When we say an object is a certain
color, it is because it is reflecting more of a certain wavelength light.
For example red objects reflect "red" light, or light with a longer
wavelength (lower frequency) better than other types of light.

So, we determine the color by the primary type of light the object reflects
(or emits if it is a light).

We also perceive other properties of colors, and that is lightness or
darkness. A light colored object may reflect one color especially well, but
also reflect other colors as well. A very light green object, for example,
reflects green very well, but also reflects most other colors, just not as

Dark objects tend not to reflect light very well at all, even if it reflects
one color better than the other.

White objects, tend to reflect all types of light equally well, and tend to
reflect most of the light cast on it.

Black objects also, tend to reflect all types of light equally, they just
dont reflect much of the light cast on them.

In computer graphics, we use combinations of just three lights to produce
the colors on a screen, red, green, and blue. We also use different systems
for calculating colors. One of those is hue, saturation, and lightness.
This system is more accurate in describing how we perceive colors. The hue
is what we call color--red, brown, white, etc. The saturation is how much
of the other colors is present, and the lightness is how bright the color

The interesting thing about this system is, white and black have the same
hue and saturation, the lightness is all that is different.

Anyway, what all this boils down to, is the answer to your question simply
depends on how you look at the problem.

On one level, you are right. Black doesn't reflect light, and white
reflects all colors. On the other hand, if you are talking to someone like
me who deals with generating colors on a computer screen, black and white
are exactly the same color, one is just brighter than the other.
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