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*basics* Name: Jon Dob: 7/11/86 Marital status: got a girlfriend… - Were hot and were Hardcore [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jan. 9th, 2005|11:27 pm]
Hardcore and HOT



Name: Jon
Dob: 7/11/86
Marital status: got a girlfriend
Location: seattle

- Favorite -
Bands: aiden, boys night out, thrice, thursday, as i lay dying, bleeding through, on broken wings, atreyu, 18 visions
Color/s: black, pink, red
Food/s: mexican = the shit
Things to do: do my hair, have coffee and cigarettes with the mates, road trips, touring w/ the band

*what are your thoughts on*

abortion: im pro-choice. why the fuck is it anybody elses business if a girl wants to abort her child. thats right, its her business, not ours.
gay marriage: dont really care. this is going to sound bad, but its the truth and you can apply it to anything else in life. dont give them what they want and they keep complaining, give em what they want and they want more. i really dont have an opinion on the issue, i just want an end to all the bullshit. hurry up and make a desicion congress.
premarital sex: i do, my friends do it. if you want to, go for it. but dont feel pressured to do something you dont want to
rating communities: its bullshit
drugs, alcohol, Smoking /SxE: i quit drugs. i used to be really into em, its not my thing anymore. im a social drinker, and i do smoke. ill get drunk maybe once every two months or so, and i usually have a few drinks inbetween (read...drinks not drunk).
religion: agnostic
government: dont care. i can tell you that our current government is full of bullshit though.
education: graduated high school when i was 16, now im 18 and a sophmore in college majoring in automotive engineering

- random -
how did you find out about this community?: search search search
were you recommended? if so, by who?:
promote at least 2 communities/journals: (not friends only) ill do it right after i finish this app.
why did you apply here?: because it looks like fun and it needs members.
do you honestly think you'll get in?: dont know.
any last words?: none.

i have some but im too lazy right now. its late.

[User Picture]From: xjlx
2005-01-16 08:05 am (UTC)
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